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Diplomatic Relations

We are committed to building an efficient Foreign Ministry that is knowledge-based and techology-drive in service delivery in the pursuit of Nigeria;s interests and foreign policy goals aand objectives.

Diplomatic relations between Nigeria and Greece are cordial, warm and friendly at both bilateral and multilateral levels and both nations support each other at elections into international bodies.

Both countries have embassies in their respective capital cities, Athens and Abuja. On 1st June 2007, the consular office of the Greek Embassy in Nigeria, was transferred from Lagos to Abuja. Greece also has an Honorary Consulate in Lagos.

The first contact between Nigeria and Greece dates back to 1930s when Greek merchants arrived in Nigeria as traders and entrepreneurs, prior to Nigeria’s independence. There are numbers of Greek-owned businesses and companies operating in Nigeria, with both countries having long standing ties.

In November 2021, the Nigerian Embassy in Greece in collaboration with the Greek Nigeria Chamber of Commerce and Technology (GNCCT) hosted a very successful Investment Forum in Athens.    The very successful 2-day event showcased investment opportunities in Nigeria to Greek entrepreneurs and business people.

In January 2022, the Greek Foreign Minister, His Excellency, Nikos Dendias accompanied by the Nigerian Ambassador to Greece, Ambassador Opunimi Akinkugbe visited Nigeria on an official working visit. This was the first visit of a Greek Foreign Minister to Nigeria and paved the way for a further deepening of the relations our two countries enjoy.

Mr. Dendias met with the Nigerian Foreign Minister, His Excellency, Geoffrey Onyeama and the Vice President, His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. During the visit, Mr Dendias reaffirmed the interest of the Greek Government in developing our bilateral relations and announced the donation by the Greek Government of 970,000 doses of COVID-19 to Nigeria, through the COVAX programme.

There are exciting prospects for the relationship between Greece and Nigeria and we at the Nigerian Embassy in Athens will continue to facilitate the connections that will drive both economic, political and social objectives, in line with our Station Charter.