Burial Transit Permit


  • Four (4) certified copies of death certificate, showing cause of death (if the certificate does not show cause of death, a Letter of Non-Contagious Disease, stating cause of death, from attending physician is required)
  • Burial permit with raised seal
  • Letter of embalming on Funeral Home official letterhead. (Letter must confirm/state that the remains were placed in a metal sealer casket)
  • Signed & Notarised Letter of Non-Contagious Disease from Regional or Local or Municipality Health Official (The Letter should confirm/state that the deceased did not die from a communicable disease and that there were no cases of contagious diseases present in the area at the time of death.
  • Signed and Notarised letter/statement from the Funeral Home confirming that the casket contains only the remains of the deceased
  • Passport of the deceased
  • Metal sealed casket
  • Outer wood box required

Upon meeting above requirements, the Embassy will issue a letter of permission to ship.

Important Note

  • Notary services at the Embassy are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays; from 10am – 2pm